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The Battle is on! Today kicks-off the first ever Battle of the Blogs.

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Many of us have blogs we love to read, browse through, and get some new ideas from, so here at Arizona Foothills we want to shine some light on those amazing blogs.  We are looking for all types of blogs to be nominated and get the chance to win some amazing prizes.  This will be a great opportunity for blogs everywhere to gain exposure here in the Valley of the sun.

AZFoothills.com is in the top 18,000 websites in the nation, have more followers on Twitter than majority of the local news stations, and are known for always having new and fresh content in real time.

From today February 1st- 28th we will be accepting nominations.  You can submit your nominations via email at blogcontest@azfoothills.com.

Starting March 1st the voting will begin and will end at midnight March 31st.

The TOP 4 with the most votes will announced as the WINNERS and will be contacted by Arizona Foothills staff.

Winners will receive the following

- One full week as the static banner ad that will be on all the pages of the website

- Featured in our E-newsletters

- Ad mention in an issue of our magazine

- Tweeted about (before and when you win)

- Be a guest blogger

Ready. Set. Nominate.