Home Features AFM News It's Official! @AZFoothillsMag is Verified by Twitter.

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We are excited to announce that it's Official! @AZFoothillsMag is Verified by Twitter. For those of you that don't know what getting verified on Twitter, it is any account with a blue verified badge on their Twitter profile is a verified account.

Why is this such a proud moment for Arizona Foothills Magazine? Well, verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities on Twitter. Our readers and fans now know that this verified badge means Arizona Foothills Magazine is now a high-quality sources of information. They can trust that we are a legitimate source since Twitter is authoring the account’s Tweets. Plus, Arizona Foothills Magazine is one of the first media companies in the state of Arizona to be verified!

Who else is verified on Twitter? Only the big shots. Twitter only verifies celebrities and Fortune 500 companies so Arizona Foothills Magazine is the first to be verified outside this realm. We are so proud and can't wait to tell you what else we have in store for our social media.