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Banking transaction is a complex process that needs certain information from the lender and the clients. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of your transaction will help you to have measurable decision-making.

Managing any of your loans and credit should be wisely taken into account, as it is not something that you should take lightly. It involves your identity, properties, and money that will later either benefit you or brings you down. Here is the list of essential information that can help you before applying for a personal loan. 

Check Your Credit Score and Credit History

If you apply for a personal loan, your credit status is the first thing you should work on. The lending institution will always check your credit status to ensure they are dealing with good clients. Your credit reports tell them that you are low-risk and trustworthy when it comes to borrowing money. 

When you get Chase Bank loans or other loans for that matter, a good credit score and report will always matter. The better the credit score, the lower interest rate. The minimum credit score to qualify for a personal loan is typically 610-640. If you are into a personal loan, check your credit report if there are any hard inquiries filed to your account.  Bad inquiries will remain on your credit report for two years, and it will negatively affect your credibility. 

Income Status

Prioritize what needs to be prioritized. If you consider a personal loan, know your income status if you are capable enough to have a monthly payment dept. Calculate your monthly obligations as you are required to state all your existing payments or debts on your loan application. Also, consider your other income sources to check if you can realistically afford a new loan. 

In a loan application, you need to have proof of your income. If you are self-employed, you need to prepare certain papers such as your past tax returns, bank statements, and other documents. If you are a worker, you need to provide your W-2s form; it is a form filed by the employers to report employee’s compensation, including salary, wages, and taxes. 

No Collateral 

One of the advantages of a personal loan is no collateral is needed. You do not have to place your house, car, properties, and other assets to secure the lender. The real property you are currently buying will serve as the collateral to the lender if you cannot pay the loan on the given term. 

However, lenders always have options and actions regardless of the unsecured loan. Suppose you cannot pay your loans regardless of the reason. In that case, the lender can report late payments to the credit bureaus that would negatively reflect on your credit report or they may hire a collection agency to continually collect your debts, or the lender may file a lawsuit against you. 

Purpose of Personal Loan

If you are new or not to a personal loan, probably one of the reasons you are into is for general purposes. Generally, some of the common reasons for a personal loan are unexpected expenses, medical expenses, home repairs, major events, weddings, funerals, tuition, or paying off credit cards or other debts. 

A personal loan offers a lower interest rate than a credit card that most clients have taken advantage of. They use a personal loan as debt consolidation to pay off the other existing credit debts with a higher interest rate. A single monthly obligation with a lower interest rate is a way for you to lessen your monthly obligation burden. 

Find the Best Loan Rates and Terms

Many related transactions always have their terms and conditions to protect and manage the institution properly. Terms and conditions may vary from the different lending institutions. You may try to consolidate better offers in online lenders or other recommended lenders that suit your financial capacity. 

Before you can acquire loans, the lender will evaluate and review your income, credit score, and other debts. If you have a better credit score and history, the bank will offer you a better proposal.  Most of the banks have limits on the amount that they can offer, depending on the policy. 

The personal loan interest rate is unchangeable for the given terms. However, other loans do have a drawback of variable interest rate that changes occasionally. In this case, your payment interest rate will fluctuate and can affect your monthly budget. Make sure to pay your payment on time to avoid any charges added to your payments.


In any transaction, always be responsible to any of your deals as it will reflect on your records. Anything that you will inattentively pay attention to will be your accountability to resolve it. Thus, if you aim to have a better opportunity, make sure to be a good client.