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The Phoenix heatwave is our of control! Today I had the opportunity to show the viewers of 3TV’s Your Life A to Z four innovative products that are helping keep Valley kids cooler during this extreme summer heat.

As a mom, I know firsthand that being hot – especially in cars – can have dangerous side effects and often leaves kids feeling very grumpy.  In attempt to have a safe and happy summer, these products may become your summer must-haves.

1.Car Seat Cooler by Waldo’s Warmers  - A Valley mom realized we needed to cool down seats in the cars, especially for kids! Car Seat Coolers are to be used to cool a car seat, booster seats, etc. prior to getting in the car. Car seat coolers should not be used with children in the car seat.
waldoswarmer carseatcoolers

Car Seat Coolers: $20

Gel Cooler Packs: $5 (4-5 recommended per cooler. You can also but these separately from places like Walmart and the Dollar Store.)


2.Cool on the Go Portable Fan

Cool on the Go® is lightweight and features a compact design that leaves you hands free as you're working or playing outside in the heat.

The Cool on the Go® fan with LED lights has a stroller feature that easily clips on to any stroller or baby seat to help keep the child cool.  The lanyard can be used to direct air towards the face and neck for hands-free use.  The belt loop feature attaches the fan around the waist.  Airflow can then be directed into the shirt cooling the upper body area.  The tabletop feature allows you to set the fan on any table, desktop or flat surface.  The clip can be utilized to connect the Cool on the Go® Fan to any car sun visor.  The shoulder strap feature perfectly attaches the fan to any purse, backpack or shoulder bag strap.   The bright LED lights illuminates nicely and can be used as a safety device to be seen at night. Consumers can choose from a variety of colors.  Cool on the Go® provides up to 4 hours of hands free cooling on continuous use on high speed. Battery life may vary depending on the speed and uses.

Stroller Fan Cool on the Go 838x1024

The Standard Unit: $29.99

The Recharge Unit: $49.99

The Gooseneck Mount: $14.99


3.Cool Mee Car Seat and Stroller Liners by Meeno Babies  - This is a patended design to fit any car seat and / or stroller and is made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes to prevent overheating and perspiration keeping baby cool and comfortable.
Meeno Babies G9 32 grande

Car Seat Liner: $39.99

Stroller Liner: $44.99


T4.he Noggle by Noggle Nation

Designed by a Valley dad, The Noggle is the first child comfort system of its kind and the ultimate solution for controlling air temperature in your car's backseat to make it comfortable for all passengers, especially children. Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car's backseat during the hot days of summer and winter's extreme cold is next to impossible. The Noggle prevents sweaty, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous car rides for children in the summer and keeps kids warmer and more comfortable during the winter months.

the noggle

The Noggle ranges from $40 - $50.



Amanda Rumore is a writer, mom blogger and lifestyle expert. Scottsdale-based, by way of Chicago and Los Angeles, she lives with her husband, Anthony, daughter, Mia Valentina, and Boston Terriers, Gigi and Harley. Amanda is the founder of ValleyGalInc.com, writes for various magazines and appears on local television stations featuring family-focused stories. She was also voted "Favorite Valley Mom 2016" in the Best of the Valley!