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Spend a little extra time in the morning with your kids and do something fun with their hair. Whether it’s a braided style for the girls, hair chalk or a little spiky motif for the boys, they will appreciate the individual morning attention and it will make them feel special throughout the day.

Hair Style Little Girl Pigtail Braids

Image via Nika Shatova


Chalk it Up: Temporary Hair Color

Hair Chalk for Kids

 Image via Pinterest

 One of the most popular hair trends right now is chalking hair. It’s fun, temporary and very in-style! You don’t need to buy the expensive “hair chalk” that is currently marketed, all you need is a box of soft pastels from Michaels for about $5.00.  Note: Make sure you DO NOT buy the oil-based pastels.

Here's a how-to video on how to chalk hair:


Braids, Braids and More Braids!

There are so many different ways to incorporate a French Braid into your little girl's hair. Some are far easier than others, but with practice anyting can be accomplished!


Top French Braid Bun

Hair Style Top French Braid Bun

Image Courtesy of The Shine Project


French Braid to Pony Tail

Hair-Romance-easy-braided-ponytail-hairstyle-tutorial copy

Image via Hair Romance


Curved French Braid with Bun

Hair Braid Top French copy

Image via Pinterest


Waterfall French Braid

Hair Waterfall French Braid

 Image via Love Maegan


Boys' Hair Styles

A little pomade goes a long way with my boys' hair. You can spike it up, give it texture and volume. Shhh.... my little guys like their hair being messed with just as much as my girls!


Messed Up & Foward

Hair Boys Style Spiked up

Image via JCrew


Long with Texture

Hair Long Zara Palmade Black and White

 Image via Zara Kids


The Faux Hawk

Hair Boys Faux Hawk

Image via Nordstrom


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