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Abs of steel and powerhouse mom of two, Tina Prutting has certainly figured out how to make fitness a priority, while she juggles and runs through the 'busy mommy brigade'. The 'Chief Fit Mommy' of the Prutting household; Husband Tony, and their two beautiful children; Zachary, who is 8-years-old and Olivia, who is 6, wow's the world with her secrets to creating a healthy family, not to mention her own fit and fab body!

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If keeping in tip-top shape is not impressive enough, this Scottsdale mom is known by those closest to her as being super organized and involved with her kid's every move. Now, the big question... How on earth does she do it?

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Can you share with us a snapshot of your typical weekday?

I wake up around 6am, have breakfast, and drop the kids at school. Next, I either go for a hike, or workout at the Village at DC Ranch. After my workout I come home, straighten up the house, and throw in a load of laundry. Sometimes you will find me having lunch with friends or my husband at True Food; however, I usually make myself a salad with grilled chicken at home, and prep the dinner so I don't have to mess with it when the kids get home. Once I am done, that leaves time for a few errands, and then off to pick the kiddos up from school.

We all know the transition from woman to Mom can be insane! How has your life truly changed since becoming a Mom?

I have realized that my time is no longer my own. My kids dictate the way that I spend most of my day. I need to make a point to schedule things that I enjoy, most importantly quality time with my husband. Once the day is done, we are usually too exhausted for the peaceful evenings we used to share. That is why we make sure to have a weekly date night, and get together as much as we can while the kids are at school for a hike, lunch, or just a coffee. I love my kids dearly, but I miss the unlimited quality time that I used to have with my husband.

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Has health and fitness always been a part of your life  and when did it become important to you?

It feels as if health and fitness has always been a part of my life, but it really became important to me after my freshman year of college. I went to school in upstate New York and spent most of the year covered up in layers since it started snowing in October. I was not working out, eating unhealthy cafeteria food, staying up late, and eating pizza after midnight. Once summer hit and I shed all of my winter clothing, I realized that I had gained the "freshman 15." I started doing cardio, lifting weights and watching my diet. The pounds started coming off, and I never returned to my old ways. Since then I have always been very passionate about my workouts, and try to keep a healthy balance in my diet.

I must ask you the most asked question fit mom's hear... What would we find in your weekly grocery cart?

LOTS of organic eggs, chicken breast, 96% lean ground beef, unsweetened almond milk, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, avocados, cottage cheese, fresh mozzarella, string cheese, natural almond butter, raw almonds, whole wheat bread, tortilla chips and salsa... I am an addict! Pirate's Booty (my kids love it....but I love it more!), dark chocolate, strawberries, apples, and clementines.

What do your kids find in their school lunch bags?

Unfortunately it is always the same as variety is not my specialty. Olivia has a natural almond butter and fresh fruit strawberry jelly sandwich on wheat bread, string cheese, squeeze apple sauce, and some kind of Trader Joe's chips. Zachary has the same but his sandwich is Applegate Farms or Boar's Head chicken breast on whole wheat with low fat mayo.

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With someone as fit and focused as you, how do you measure your fitness and wellness successes?

I measure them with how my clothes fit and how balanced I feel mentally. I try not to judge or analyze myself. I take each day as it comes and try my best to make the right choices.

Do you have a sneaky trick to get your kids to eat their vegetables?

My kids love fruit smoothies, so I always throw a handful or two of spinach in there so they get their greens.

If you had one secret to share with other moms about your success in being an super-fit mom, what would it be?

Don't be so hard on yourself!!! It is so easy to make yourself feel guilty that you didn't make to the gym, or you had some sweets that you promised you wouldn't eat, or an extra glass of wine last night. We have a tough role to fill as wives and moms. Our kids take a lot out of us, we are usually the ones responsible for managing the house, stocking the fridge, making dinner, helping the kids with their homework, keeping the house neat and the laundry done, and the list goes on and on. That being said, it is hard to make your health and fitness a priority each day.

Tina's Tip:

Do the best you can when you have the time! Go to the gym BEFORE you run your errands, prep healthy food over the weekend when you have extra time, get outside and run around with your kids, most of all strive for a good balance in your life and more fun!!!