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Rachel Roland has been writing for azfoothills.com for the past year, bringing you the best events, attractions, restaurants, gifts, and more for you, your children, and your whole family!  Read on to find out where she's heading on her new adventure - and what places she would visit if she only had one day to spend in the Valley with her children! 


It's hard to believe that it's been over a year since I first introduced myself to all of you through this column, and it's with sadness that I have to share that my family has moved away from the Phoenix area for colder and rainy-er pastures.  Thankfully, there is an amazing mom who will be taking over, and I'm sure she'll be bringing you all the best Arizona has to offer!  

I wanted to share what my ideal day in Phoenix would be, if I only had one day to spend there with Jeremiah and Sarah.  Are you ready?  


Do you like donuts?  Well, I do.  Maybe 'like' isn't the right word.  More along the lines of...love...probably.  And Bosa Donuts in Phoenix has not only the best donuts, but the most amazing apple fritters I've ever eaten in my life.  And the kids love them, of course.  


Naturally, after all that sugar, you're going to need somewhere to run it off.  The Children's Museum of Phoenix is absolutely the best place to play in Phoenix.  Plus, you can burn some of that apple fritter off yourself!  (phew!)


Next, one of our favorite places for brunch - O.H.S.O.  I love this OHSO not only because they have great food, support local brewers (they have tons of Arizona beer on tap and brew their own), and they also support the community through fundraisers and more!  Plus, they're like friends - and who doesn't like visiting their friends?   The brunch items range from light fare to giant portions - so whether you're famished or just a little hungry, you'll find something you like. 


Now, this next stop is a little more for me than Jeremiah and Sarah - but they love the Musical Instrument  Museum, too!  The MIM is a MUST-SEE if you're visiting the Phoenix area, and once you go, you'll understand why.  Even if you're not the biggest music lover, it's fascinating to walk through the huge galleries and hear instruments from all over the globe.  You learn about culture, traditions, and more - music is such a comprehensive global experience, and the MIM displays this beautifully.  Be careful, though, it's easy to spend hours and hours here and not feel like you've seen everything! 


I recently visited Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, and it quickly became one of my favorite places in Arizona.  Why?  Well, the "Mighty Wurlitzer" organ is just incredible to watch and listen to, the pizza is good, and the atmosphere is so happy and joyful - you just can't be in a bad mood here!   Our family had the best time here, and if you've never visited, it might be hard to understand - so visit and find out why!  


And, of course, who doesn't want ice cream after a long day of eating?  (Ha ha)  Scooptacular, who was recently featured on CBS for their Thanksgiving Turkey Ice Cream, remains one of my favorite places.  Again, it's not just the ice cream (which is out of this world!) but it's the people who work there- they love their community and support through fundraisers, community events, and more.  

I know there are so many places I left out - what are your favorite spots in the Valley?  Shoot me a tweet  - @rachelroland - and tell me what I missed!   I am sad that my time here with the azfoothills.com team is coming to an end - I couldn't ask for better people to work with!  This website and Arizona Foothills Magazine are both incredible resources for Arizona, and I'm so thankful I have had the opportunity to work with them!   

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Photo courtesy Red Phoenix Photography

I'm Rachel - a mom, wife, and 'green' blogger at Small Steps On Our Journey.   If you want me to come visit your place of business, have any questions on this article or suggestions for a future article, you can email me at rroland@azfoothills.com, tweet me at @rachelroland, or connect with me on Facebook.

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