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Rachel Roland is a mom on a mission - exploring beautiful Arizona (and beyond!) with her two little companions, Jeremiah and Sarah, in search of the best restaurants, attractions, and products for you and your children. See what she has in store for your family today!


Are you in need of a fun summer activity that doesn't involve sitting in the sweltering heat?  I have the perfect activity for you - Sky Zone Sports in Peoria!   Located in an industrial park, Sky Zone Sports is a huge building filled with trampolines and for my children, it was the most amazing and fun way to spend a few hours this summer!  


Before you can jump, though, there are some guidelines - you must sign waivers for every person jumping.   Parents sign off for children, and this naturally is to protect Sky Zone Sports from liability issues.  Jumping on trampolines can be dangerous, but from what we experienced, Sky Zone takes many precautions to make sure no one gets hurt.  From the videos playing on a loop - showing what's "OK" and "Not OK" - to the many posted signs in each area showing the guidelines - they make sure you're aware of the rules and the risks involved with jumping/flipping/etc on the trampolines.   You also get special trampoline shoes, which are pretty cool.  


There is a 'toddler' area (for children 40" and shorter), which I thought Jeremiah and Sarah would prefer, but their favorite area by far was the foam pit area.  You can jump from trampolines into a huge pit of foam blocks that cushion your fall - many people - from tweens to adults - were doing full blown flips into the foam.  Jeremiah and Sarah were content to simply jump into the foam, and as for myself - I couldn't even stand on the trampolines without getting dizzy.   My age seems to be catching up to me!  

In addition to the pit area, there are two huge dodgeball courts, as well as a huge general jumping area, and a small basketball area.  There's also a parent's lounge that looked very comfortable - with chairs, TVs and WiFi.  I loved the snack bar - you can purchase Red Mango frozen yogurt by the ounce and top it however you want, just like a frozen yogurt shop.  I loved this healthier option instead of the typical pizza/hot dog/popcorn that most places like this offer.  

Want to jump, too?  Head to Sky Zone Peoria, which is located at 9040 W. Larkspur Dr, Suite 134 in Peoria.   For some reason, when I plugged the address into my GPS, it guided me to a place where I couldn't access Sky Zone - I could see it (from 91st Ave) but I couldn't get to it.   You can get to Sky Zone from 89th Ave and Cactus.   They are open at 10am daily except Sunday, when they open at 11am.  Pricing is by the half-hour increment - 30 minutes for $7 up to 120 minutes for $18.  (See more info on pricing here.)  The kids jumped for almost two hours straight (taking a break for some frozen yogurt), and if your kids are active, I'd recommend going with the 120 minute option. 

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Photo courtesy Red Phoenix Photography

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