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The days are long, hot and dry and our skin is all suffering because of it - but I've found the perfect solution for it at Eurasia Spa, which is located at the Scottsdale Athletic Club.  First, though, why not start your day with a relaxing for the mind but challenging for the body Yoga class?  It's always good to clear your mind and stretch your muscles before a 'tough' day of spa therapy.  


There are a few fabulous options to start your spa treatment off right - you can partake in a traditional Japanese Soaking treatment (choose from moisturizing, detoxifying or tension-releasing formulas), or you can choose one of their Aromatic Body Polishes, like the Agave Nectar Salt Scrub.  After your scrub, enjoy the Vichy shower - six showerheads gently rinse the scrub from your body and leave your skin feeling soft, supple and new.  

After your body polish, relax with a massage with either a Yin (calming) or Yang (energizing) aromatherapy massage.  Or, bring your sweetie and enjoy the exclusive couple's room with a couple's massage and private patio for relaxing afterwards.   All treatments start with a Cosanti bell ringing (the bells are made by an Arizona artist) and you can even opt to have 'sound therapy' with Eurasia Spa's "Sound of Peaceful Healing" that uses these bells combined with a body wrap and a massage for a relaxing and revitalizing treatment.  


The Eurasia Spa certainly has something to offer everyone - and this boutique spa keeps things intimate by only allowing for a few treatments at a time.   Each treatment room has a private shower, if you like showing after a massage as well as a sauna and steam room in each locker room.  You can relax by the pool during your spa day, as well as utilize all of the Scottsdale Athletic Club, if you want to throw a run or elliptical workout in before or after your treatment.   

It's also a very special spa in that the owners, Bob and Alice Hing, are very involved in the operation.  Mrs. Hing makes the Green and White Tea Sugar Scrub that's used during treatments, and Mr. Hing made the beautiful gate that welcomes you to the spa.  I love finding businesses that are not only locally owned, but with such involved owners, too!  It's great to see.  

The Eurasia Spa is located at the Scottsdale Athletic Club and Resort, 8235 E Indian Bend Rd in Scottsdale.  Check them out online!

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