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I'm sure we've all been there - it's morning, and you're rushing around trying to get the kids ready for school. You find your daughter in her room with a pile of clothes on the bed and she's saying: "I can't find ANYTHING to wear!!"


That's where Dawn Farver, who invented "Girls Looking Cute" comes in! What is Girls Looking Cute, or GLC, exactly? It's a 'fashion assistant' - a cut out that can be created to look like your daughter. You can place clothes or possible outfits on the GLC to make sure what you are planning on wearing will look cute. It saves time and frustration when getting ready for the next day - an outfit can be placed on the GLC in advance, and in the morning, there's no fighting!


I had a chance to interview Dawn Farver, the owner and Girls looking cute about running a business and being a mom.

Did you always think you'd become an inventor? Or start your own business?

Dawn: Raising four kids, I have always had fun with the “creative” side of things. Inventing or owning my own business was always a dream of mine and I continued to write down my ideas as I came up with them. I’m just lucky I have a family who has supported me since I have started my business. I couldn’t do it without them!

How did Girls Looking Cute get off the ground?

Dawn: I started the business back in 2010 out of my garage. I started one night from tracing my daughter on a piece of paper, and the business began to come to life. After that, I met with a designer who drew the face, manufacturers for the cut-out, and began creating. Everything really moved pretty quickly, and after a brand-overhaul this past winter and a brand-new flashy website, we launched 100%.

Do you have any other 'mom-helping' devices in the works? (I'm sure you can't divulge, but a little hint would be fun!)

Dawn: Why yes! We are currently working on finalizing details for another children’s product which I hope will be launched by the end of 2012. This product will be another helpful item for parents, and will be for both boys and girls. That is about all I can say at this moment, but I’m very excited about this venture as well as continuing the success with GLC.

It was so great learning about these fantastic products that I'm sure will help not only a lot of moms, but daughters too! Thanks for the interview, Dawn, and thanks for being an inspiration for other moms out there!

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