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Kris and Bruce Jenner have officially settled their divorce - the LA County judge signed those good ol' papers. Just as all reports say, they've continued to keep things clean and easy. According to TMZ, there was no prenup, Kris gets the family house, and they've divided up all of their various bank accounts and assets. 

However, Kylie Jenner, the couple's 17-year-old daughter is still left under their legal parental wings. Though she's old months away from becoming an adult, what are the legal complications with her custody? After she turns 18-years old, what legal changes are there to her with her parents? Are there any other legal issues with this divorce and the relationship with Kris and Bruce and their daughter? Are there any legal worries considering that they did not sign a prenup? 

We touched base with Kaine Fisher, local attorney and Chairman of the Family Law Department at Rose Law Group, and asked him to weigh in on high profile celebrity divorce situation considering the couple has an underage daughter. 

      "Ahhhh. How refreshing. A celebrity divorce that ends amicably. Money issues can sometimes be the hardest things to work out in a divorce. Greed can take over in an instant which leads to long, drawn-out proceedings. It looks like the Jenners have figures this out. Congratulations. However, although the divorce is final, there appears to still be a remaining issue with the divorcing couple’s daughter Kylie. I’m a tad bit surprised this dispute wasn’t resolved with the rest of them. Perhaps the issues were bifurcated to expedite finalization of the divorce, but it is hard to tell. In Arizona, with regard to custody, a child is emancipated when she turns 18. Kylie is 17.
      The parties will have to think long and hard about how much money they want to spend fighting over custody rights.  Kylie may turn 18 before the parents can get into court to litigate and Kylie’s wishes about where she wants to live will weigh heavily on the court’s decision. Her desires may even be conclusive. Most importantly, if Kylie has a driver’s license, it almost doesn’t even matter what the court says as Kylie will likely go where she pleases. Now, child support may still be an issue. The court loses jurisdiction over child support in Arizona when a child who is not severely disabled turns 18, or graduates high school, whichever is later, but no later than 19 years of age. I know nothing about the parties’ finances, but in light of their stardom, we could be talking about a hefty obligation for one parent or the other. Again, a money dispute can make mincemeat out of an otherwise amiable situation. It will be interesting to see how much longer these remaining issues drag out."

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