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       Stephen Collins, quite obviously, has a lot on his self-inflicted plate right now. On top of his worldwide spread scandal for being accused of child molestation, he and has long-time wife, Faye Grant, are divorcing. According to TMZ, Collins is demanding a million dollars for Grant supposedly recording his guilty confession during a therapy appointment. Collins' demands this amount because he says that he cannot get any work after TMZ and other news sources have posted videos of his confession.

       Is this an unreasonable request from Collins? Going through a divorce where Collins could potentially be convicted for many crimes, can the divorce go through its normal process? What are the legal worries in this divorce? Collins and Grant have a community property that is valued approximately $14million dollars - what will most likely happen to that value throughout the time of their divorce?

       We touched base with Kaine Fisher, local attorney and Chairman of the Family Law Department at Rose Law Group, and asked him to weigh in on high profile celebrity divorce settlement.


“It appears Stephen Collins’ million-dollar claim is intended to be a damage claim related to defamation-like legal principals. I am interested to know how he and his attorneys came up with the million-dollar figure. What is based on and how did they come up with such specific amount? It feels like the number is a bit arbitrary to me - could be reasonable if his reputation is ruined for good but again seems arbitrary. 

Also, in order to prevail on such a claim, my understanding is that there would at least be some discussion about whether the molestation allegations are true. This is dangerous territory if you ask me. Although I have not heard the recording, he apparently admitted it so not real sure I like his chances there. He will also have to prove his wife was the one who leaked the story to TMZ.  Not sure how easy that will be either.   

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Collins’ claim is that he will have to testify and present evidence about the molestation allegations in order to pursue his damage claim in Family Court. I am surprised this is something his criminal lawyer is comfortable with. The way I see it either Stephen waives his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination to pursue his million-dollar claim or he invokes his 5th Amendment right while at the same time then potentially sacrificing his ability to pursue his damage claim. I don’t think he can have it both ways.   

I generally advise clients to put more stock in their freedom rather than pursuing a personal vendetta or revenge –especially when the stakes are so high (he could face many years in prison for such an offense).  Whichever route he decides to go, I am a firm believer that things have an uncanny way of working out the way they should. In other words, if Collins did in fact admit to committing such an appalling crime, I can’t imagine a Judge saying he should receive a million-dollars for being exposed for the monster that he is. Judges are very creative in finding ways (and crafting their rulings) to make sure justice prevails.”

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