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As the summer is approaching, we are all looking to escape the heat. Sip cocktails, savor the delicious cuisine and enjoy the ocean breeze. What better way to enjoy those experiences than on a road trip with the windows down, your favorite playlist jams, and a cooler packed full of snacks. But we can’t attack the snacks just yet if we are looking to keep our summer body. 

We might find it a struggle to juggle everything on our plate. A simple and unique aspect of being on diet or eating healthy while on the road is that we are restricting calorie intake while seated at rest. AFM spoke with Nicole Hahn, registered dietician and clinical nutrition senior manager at Banner Health. She shares three of the best tips on how we can eat while on vacation, what to order at a restaurant and what snacks to pack for the road trip.



1. Plan Ahead

In the age of multitasking on remaining focused and plan ahead of time, be sure to know how much food you will need for the duration of the trip. Depending on how much time you have, you can always have more fun if you have efficient timing. Always source out where you are going to stop and make sure that in the area you have access to places that have healthier options. Some of the challenges while being on the road and on a diet is poor planning.

2. Hotel With A Mini-Fridge 

Find a hotel that has mini-fridge inside the room. When you are booking your hotel, you can find the information on the hotels website on the amenities page. Try to scout out a grocery store near the area that you are staying. There, you can find options to easily prepare meals. This also helps you avoid eating out and consuming foods that might not be the best for you. Organic foods are more expensive and being on a budget can be a conflict. There is a way to get around sticking to eating fresh and not going over budget. You simply do not have to eat organic all the time. Regular produce is just as good. All you have to do is rinse the produce thoroughly and scrub any pesticides off the outside.

3. Keep Your Snacks Healthy

Make sure your snacks are all healthy. This ensures you are getting the right amount vitamins and nutrients from those snacks. The types of food that you would choose should be fresher foods and stay away from processed foods. You don’t want to be bloated and have the seat belt choking you. Do not get any high fat foods. Lastly, stay hydrated. You never know what the road will bring. Snacks to consider are mixed nuts, sliced apples, water, juices, celery sticks with peanut butter, pretzel sticks, cheese sticks, and carrots.

Select a restaurant with healthier options if you can. If you have time constraints and are in a rush to check-in to enjoy all the hotel’s amenities, there is a way that you can get something fast. Typically at truck stops and fast food restaurants you can find a grilled chicken sandwich or turkey sub. Be sure to add a lot of veggies to those quick bites. You can even order a salad and top it off with chicken to curb your appetite. Always be sure to look for something that is lean meat. If you are a lover of beef jerky and cannot do a road trip without it, be sure to drink plenty of water. While it is high in salt, it is a source of lean protein.