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A well-shaped behind has always been an asset. But between Miley Cyrus VMA performances, Diplo’s “Express Yourself” movement and, how could we forget, twerking, it seems that big behinds are back by popular demand.

More people are turning to surgical procedures to help reach their body goals. Fat transfers, a.k.a the Brazilian But Lift, is one of the most popular procedures for achieving a natural look.

Between all of the he-said-she-said on the internet the process of choosing which option is best for your body can feel overwhelming. Luckily, local Phoenix experts under the direction of Dr.Hall at Infini Phoenix Liposuction have all the facts  for you.

The Facts on the Brazilian Butt Lift

“There is a reason that the buttock region is a focus of attention, discussion, commentary and fashion – because it is a main focal point of the human physique. Men and women alike, desire a well-rounded and shapely derriere, but for those who did not ‘carry it in their genes’ we have an amazing option,” states Infini Cosmetic Associates.

Enhancement by fat transfer or the Brazillian But Lift redistributes the fat on a person’s body. A surgeon will remove fat from regions like the lower back, inner thighs and underarms and inject that fat back into certain areas on the butt.

Dr. Hall uses a layering method which creates a smooth, more rounded buttock with no irregular places showing through the skin. . . Dr. Hall uses a very advanced method of washing and separating the fat from all other cells so that we are injecting mostly whole stem cells, and typically get a 60-70% survival rates of transferred fat.”


Recovery from this procedure is fairly painless. A patient will wear “an ACE bandage-like body-garment for 7-14 days after the surgery.” The average patient can return to work and normal life within about three days.

This is considered a less-invasive procedure because no implants or prosthetics are used.

What to Expect from a Consultation

The prospective patient and Dr. Hall will:

  • Determine your health status to qualify you as a candidate for the surgery
  • Outline the areas of your body where fat can be removed
  • Consider size increase and volume of fat needed for successful augmentation
  • Discuss expectations from the procedure
  • Tailor a plan for pre and post surgery to ensure the best results