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The John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center is setting a new standard for breast imaging and interventional services for women across the Valley. While the center excels at providing routine screening mammograms, we also have the technologies, experience and resources to provide comprehensive breast cancer care. Only 633 of the nation's 8,600 breast imaging centers have earned the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence designation. John C. Lincoln center is just the ninth in Arizona to receive this recognition.

Sitting down with the charming and caring ladies at John C. Lincoln Center inspired Arizona Foothills to spread the word about what women can do to help Breast Cancer efforts.

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When and where was John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center founded?

The John C. Lincoln Breast Health and Research Center opened its doors on May 4, 2009.  The centers mission is to provide the best technology in breast imaging, the best specialists to interpret the images, and to provide an atmosphere that is relaxing, comforting and provide education and understanding.

Where is your office located?

19646 N. 27th Ave. Suite 205 Phoenix, Arizona 85027.  Directly across the street from the John C. Lincoln Deer Valley hospital near the I-17 and 101 interchange.

Why did you decide to be a part of this Center? Any Inspirations? What sets you apart from other facilities?

In planning and implementing our facility, we focused on technology, specialized interpretation, education, communication and support.  These are just some of the differences that we were able to incorporate into the center.

  • Dedicated Breast Radiologists, trained in interpreting and correlating all breast imaging studies.  These Radiologists far exceed the state and national requirements for reading mammography.  They also meet all requirements set by the National Consortium of Breast Centers.
  • The center has achieved the voluntary accreditation of “Center of Excellence” by the American College of Radiology in all aspects of breast imaging.
  • The facility provides many services to assist with breast cancer for the patient, family and friend.  The center offers, support groups for the newly diagnosed, young breast cancer survivors 45 and younger, metastatic support groups, Yoga, nutritional, and music classes, support for couples and quarterly education on topics related to treatment.
  • Biopsy results are provided within 24 hours (M-F).
  • Breast care navigator to facilitate coordination of care and education.
  • Wigs, bras, and prosthetics to the un-insured and under-insured.
  • Free library to any patient needing information on breast cancer support or prevention.
  • A strong focus on community education by providing education through health fairs, corporate events, organizations, and schools.
  • A relaxing spa like atmosphere.


Is there one specific aspect of the breast health and research center that are your favorite? 

They are so many wonderful aspects of the center, but the most fulfilling part of the center is partnering with many organizations in the community to spread the importance of early breast cancer detection through screening and self exams.  One center cannot make a difference without sharing its vision and knowledge with others to achieve the same level of care.  We can only be the beginning of change for all women throughout Arizona.  Every woman should understand and demand this high level of care and service to achieve the earliest detection and best outcomes.

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Are there questions you wish women would ask more often when dealing with Breast Cancer? What questions?

  • Who actually interprets my mammogram, and what are their qualifications and experience?  This is a question that most patients do not ask about having a mammogram.  This is very important, as qualifications for interpreting mammography vary. 
  • Please remember that most patients that are diagnosed with breast cancer have NO family history of breast cancer.  Please get your mammogram yearly beginning at age 40, and do a breast self exam.
  • 3D mammography is one of the biggest breakthroughs in mammography in more than 20 years.  This new technology looks through each layer of the breast tissue and is very helpful in diagnosing cancer at the earliest possible time.

What would you say to help the support systems of Breast Cancer Patients? 

I would encourage every women facing breast cancer to include their family in their recovery.  Spouses, friends and children all have different needs in supporting and caring for each other.  Support groups are available free of charge through the Breast Health and Research Center.

Is there one particular story out of the many people you have met throughout this time that has been the most inspirational or stuck with you?

That is very difficult to choose.  I have met numerous women, spouses and children that are my heroes.  I have had the blessing to meet women from 20-93 during their breast cancer journey.  I just want to say, that there is NO age to young or to old to stop screening mammography.  I have watched several women in their 20’s win their struggle with breast cancer and later watch them have their first children!  I have met one of the most courageous, positive women in the entire world face her cancer at age 93.  She is the most positive, inspirational woman I know.  I can only hope to be her one day…

What experiences do you hope to take away from creating such a peaceful environment for these women of the Valley?

I want every woman that walks through our doors or that calls us for assistance to know that our passion is to provide the best technology,  a superior interpretation of their exams in a calm setting.  We encourage them to ask questions, understand, and share their experience with others.