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Good-looking, successful and single. Meet 16 of the Valley’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

From left to right: Erin Richardson, Wade Donaldson, Casey Wilcox, Nilam Sheth

Erin Richardson, 29
Richardson is a woman of many talents, to say the least. She works as a successful litigation associate and has recently ramped up her time in the kitchen, taking up cooking and baking. She is also a classically trained cellist and jazz vocalist. Want to win her heart? Arrange for a private concert by one of her favorite musicians, like Tony Bennett or Harry Connick, Jr.

What do you seek in a partner? “I look for somebody who likes to laugh, who’s got a vision for where he’s going, and who rolls with the punches.”

What can you offer a potential mate? “I pay attention to the little things; I am a supportive person; and I can be funny—intentionally and (mostly) unintentionally.”

Wade Donaldson, 34
Though his day as a CPA might include conference calls with Asia and analyzing financial results, Donaldson spends his evenings taking Japanese classes, enjoying happy hour and partaking in tennis. (Friends say he can also quote “Seinfeld” like no one’s business.) He names Natalie Portman as his celebrity crush and seeks a partner who likewise has brains to go along with beauty.

What is the most romantic thing you’ve done for a partner? “Most romantic thing I’ve done is a date to the Portland Japanese Garden in Washington Park followed by an afternoon picnic in the Rose Garden. There are amazing views of the city skyline and Mt. Hood on a clear day. Both are really special places, and the surroundings are beautiful.”

What can you offer a potential mate? “I would say you won’t be bored with me. Between after-work activities and travel, I hope you can keep up! I don’t like to sit at home much. I’m also close with my family as they’re a lot of fun, too.”

Casey Wilcox, 33
With a career in the athletic field (as the director of Player & Media Relations for the Arizona Diamondbacks), it is no shock that Wilcox is in search of a woman who enjoys sports—and who is also upbeat, family-orientated and professionally driven. This high-energy guy enjoys dates that are full of adventure, from patio-hopping in Old Town and hitting the range to stopping by an outdoor festival and catching a concert.

Who was your first love? “Too hard to name just one: D.J. Tanner on “Full House,” Kelly Kapowski on “Saved by the Bell,” Debbie Gibson and Robin on “Kids Incorporated” (Jennifer Love Hewitt). I’m not going to name names, but she knows who she is.”

Do you hope to get married one day? “Absolutely.  I want to get married and have a family. I have a ton of happily married friends, and it seems awesome. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to.”

Nilam Sheth, 34
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you’ll find Sheth working at a pharmaceutical company in Scottsdale. After the work day is done, you’ll catch her doing Zumba, hot yoga or kickboxing at her local gym or maybe indulging in happy hour with friends. Apart from fun-loving and focused, Sheth is well-educated (with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from University of Arizona), well-traveled (she’s been to Peru and Hong Kong and everywhere in between) and well-intentioned (she is pursuing to be a volunteer for Fresh Start).
What is your dream date? “A dream date would be a day on the beach—with some sun, water, fun and relaxation!”

What do you seek in a partner? “When it comes to men, I am looking for a kind, intelligent man who would be an amazing best friend and someone that I’d adore and admire. He should, of course, share the same sentiment toward me. Good looks, sophistication, an athletic build, tall in height, sense of humor, and a nice smile and eyes would certainly help.”