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A four-legged, yellow friend with a wagging tail is coming to the rescue of many elder folk, only here in the Valley!

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Cypress Homecare Solutions, providing caregivers since 1994, recently added a new member to its care-giving family: a four legged, yellow canine named Lacey.

But canines, with their soft furry coat and mysterious connection that they have forever been known to share with us, have actually been certified to be the source for healthier beings, providing an antidote for the elderly folk.

Managing Partner of Homecare Solutions Bob Roth, who adopted Lacey and enlisted her for pet therapy training, said in a press release interview that pet therapy is a natural inclusion to their program in order to provide the best service to their clients. “For elderly clients who can no longer care for a pet, pet therapy is a great alternative.”

Pet therapy has been shown to have a brightening effect on elderly folk by extensively reducing anxiety, depression, loneliness, blood pressure, physical pain and heart attacks.

Who knew that all it took was a sweet, furry companion to help put life back into ourselves.

Lacy is a Yellow Labrador Retriever, an incredibly loyal and affectionately social caregiver in training.

cypress homecare solutions

She has been training with Animal Actors of Arizona, being exposed to a variety of stimuli that she may be faced with during her caregiver days.

This January as she celebrates her first birthday, Lacey will be tested by a Therapy International dog tester at the end of her training in order to receive her certificate.

With her charming look, Lacey will most certainly be the remedy that many elderly people are in need of. 

According to Roth, as he mentioned in the press release interview, “Lacey’s a natural when it comes to making anyone feel better.”

At the end of the day, Lacey will have provided those who request her with comfort and unconditional affection.

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