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Peterson Architecture strikes again, but this time they are working on a project of epic proportions— the architecture firm has designed the largest home in Arizona. Ground-breaking has just begun and you wouldn’t believe us if we told you how large this home is actually going to be: 100,000 square feet under roof, of the most creative and innovative home-design the Valley (and maybe the world) has ever seen!

Six months ago, this project was just an idea. Today, it’s a masterpiece being brought to life in the hills of Silverleaf. After weeks of intense brainstorming and collaboration, plans were drawn and decisions were made. The end result resembles a Mediterranean castle and Italian hillside village in one home, with unmatched features and fun.

This ‘smart house’ has everything from an indoor bowling alley, basketball court and pool to underground caves, secret passages and staff quarters. It will have the first residential IMAX movie theater, multiple interior garages, zip lines across courtyards from one part of the house to another, multiple pool complexes with waterfalls, hidden grottos, a lazy river and a three-story night club for the cherry on top. Erik Peterson AIA, president of Peterson Architecture said, “This is such an exciting project for us to be a part of because we don’t usually get to do grottos and zip lines and things that are over the top!”

James Bond and Iron Man effects will be the main inspiration and theme of the home. Some parts of the home will look like a reclaimed castle, while other parts will exhibit a contemporary feel. The home will also be surrounded by amazing Berghoff Design Group-landscaped gardens, including an intricate hedge maze.

Peterson Architecture faced a time crunch with a six-month deadline to design the home and get it approved. With hard work and dedication, Peterson Architecture, and the team led by architect Scott Carson AIA LEED, made that deadline with time to spare. The goal is to have the home complete in a record-breaking 2.5 years led by contractor Tom Argue, Argue Custom Homes.  Peterson said, “We are up for the challenge. All of our other projects thus far have prepared us for this major project.”

With extensive experience designing night clubs, restaurants and clubhouses, Peterson Architecture is taking their business to an extreme level without compromising their quality and integrity. “We listen to what our clients want and that’s the strength of Peterson Architecture.”