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Dale Gardon

For Dale Gardon, principal of Scottsdale-based Dale Gardon Design, going to the office is like coming home.

“I was interested in making offices with more residential character so that when you spend so much time here as we do, you might as well be comfortable,” says Gardon, who classifies the interior of his 8,000-sq.-ft. office as “rus-tech,” a term his firm coined to describe its use of rustic materials combined with a technological feel embodied by exposed building systems.

The achievement of that concept is apparent throughout the office’s interior and exterior spaces. The kitchen, for example, is as cozy and well-appointed as one you’d find in a custom residence. An outdoor barbecue and gathering patio afford staff the opportunity to enjoy at-home luxuries while at work from nine to five.

The central design area, lined with tall portable design boards detailing individual projects, is positioned below intricate beaming with industrial appeal that provides visual passageways in every direction. From this space, the eye is attracted outside and upstairs to visibly elevated spaces, and enticed into side rooms highlighted by hues that contrast with the location’s desert palette.

“I always want to see into anther space,” Gardon says. “There is a relatedness in our architecture where upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside there is a relatedness wherever you go. Some people call it a control thing where you have to have surveillance, I prefer to say that it is architectural enjoyment,” Gardon says, chuckling.

Several architectural standouts are sprinkled around the complex: a partially see-through glass bridge leading to Gardon’s personal office, an alternate step staircase and an exciting loft with breathtaking views of Windgate Pass.

“An inspiring office environment makes people feel better,” Gardon says. “The world is living by spec office, and that is unfortunate. If I had a personal quest, it would be [helping] people realizing that and finding ways to take the joe average office environment and just make it more inspiring.”