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A Place to Call Home is an agency that serves foster children and adults with disabilities or special needs. A Place to Call Home works with all aspects of foster care, from screening and training foster families to moving through the adoption process with them. They are dedicated to strong and supportive family relationships by providing safe and loving homes for the people in need. AFM interviews Leanna DeKing, the Executive Director at A Place to Call Home.


AFM: What is the goal of A Place to Call Home?

LD: The need in Arizona for foster families is tremendously high, so our agency makes a special effort in prioritizing the needs of the children and adults in our care in order to make a positive change each day. Some of the kids and adults needing to find a foster home have special needs, which makes it even more challenging for them to find a safe and reliable home. We want to help everyone in our care by finding homes that truly feel like a home.


AFM: How does A Place to Call Home help people in Arizona?

LD: Our agency goes above and beyond the state requirements. We provide training and support for families that come from the heart and always keep in mind the best interests of the children and adults in our care. We help advocate for awareness of the need for a long-term home and support system for these disabled adults. We also hold contracts with several Native American tribes around the state to help support tribal children so they can have a chance at finding a good home that would continue to support their tribal roots. Our agency also has Respite staff available as trained providers who are involved with temporary respite care for placements in foster homes. These are not permanent caregivers, but those who help care for the foster members if the foster parent is not available, or just needs a break.


AFM: What got you involved in this organization?

LD: I used to be a Deputy Administrator for the state of Arizona, but I wanted to work more hand-in-hand with the foster families and the children and adults in our care. I wanted to make a difference and help find and provide the best foster homes to children and adults in need. Our CEO, Mike Brewington, has a passion in his heart for this. His drive to make a difference really attracted me to this agency, because it's not just a business here, it's a mission to help others.

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