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The Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) is a well-established nonprofit organization that has served the Phoenix community since 1971. Over the years, the nonprofit has saved the lives of countless dogs and cats through their rescue and adoption efforts. Recently, the organization underwent a rebranding effort to reflect their commitment to equitable access to pet health services.



“Our life-saving programs may have evolved over the years, but our commitment to saving the lives of cats and dogs has remained the same,” says AAWL’s President and CEO, Alessandra Navidad. “We want to make sure our brand reflects who we are and all we hope to accomplish in the future.”

The new logo showcases the organization’s sustained commitment to helping the Phoenix animal community by displaying the 1971 start date at the bottom of the text. The rebrand more accurately reflects the life-saving work performed over the history of the AAWL and the evolution of its history to now. 

“It is a simple way of including AAWL’s history which is a humanizing force for the brand, as it tells the stories of the people and communities that have worked together to create a legacy of wellness, compassion and protection for the animals they serve,” adds Navidad.

The reimagined graphic features the animals assisted by the organization: a mixed breed dog and a cat. The logo symbolizes the AAWL’s work in providing stability for animals by having the cat and dog look towards the logo with a sense of hope. Adopters, fosters, volunteers and team members all have the opportunity to care for animals just like those in the logo, each propelling the AAWL’s laudable cause.

“One of our core values is empathy, and we believe this new logo evokes everything we want our brand to say about us: that we’re warm, approachable, authentic, reliable and welcoming, particularly to the diverse pet owners we serve from communities across Maricopa County,” says Navidad.

In line with the rebranding, the organization has adopted a new strategic plan to eliminate barriers to veterinary care. AAWL will strive to offer affordable and accessible vet services for families who otherwise would not be able to afford care. The five-year initiative hopes to increase inclusivity so any pet owner can take care of their animal without the fear of surrendering their pet due to the cost of veterinary care or support. 

This change could not come at a better time: In 2021, 36,526 cats and dogs entered shelters in Maricopa County. Animal welfare organizations have struggled in responding to these massive pet intakes caused by housing instability or lack of care, and the AAWL hopes to help Arizona bounce back from this crisis.

“We recognized that if we’re truly going to reduce the number of healthy and treatable animals that are surrendered to shelters each year across Arizona, we must invest in providing more behavior and veterinary resources to pet owners from underserved communities to avoid the difficult situation of pet surrenders and keep animals out of the shelter system altogether,” says Navidad.

Visit AAWL at one of their two main facilities on 40th Street and Washington in Phoenix or at Chandler Fashion Center.

Learn more at www.aawl.org.