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Name a Mountain Lion with Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
Voting for the Name the Lion Contest ends Tuesday, February 8th 

A young mountain lion at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center rescued by the Riverside Fire Department in California needs help finding a name. For just $5 Southwest Wildlife Conservation is encouraging people to log-on and help name the California native mountain lion.

The list of names has been narrowed down to five; Keva, Echo, Zion, Tonto, and Zuma.

Just visit https://www.southwestwildlife.org/donate/name-the-lion-contest.html to vote.

On the site, you can also read the mountain lion’s biography, and look at his pictures to help aid the important naming decision.

Every $5 collected will help provide crucial funds

required to continue his care and helps other animals in the process. 

Voting ends Tuesday, February 8th. Every vote is $5 and Donors can vote as many times, and for as many names as they wish. 

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center will be this lion’s forever home; help him find his forever name by donating funds to ensure his life at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is as precious as he is. 

“We know from experience that the community enjoys getting involved with the naming of our sanctuary animals.”, said Jim Mitchell, Marketing Coordinator at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center. “This mountain lion was one of four rescued last fall, and he's the last one to get a name.

This contest not only allows community input but also raises funds for continuing care for him and all the other wildlife in our sanctuary.”

Visit and vote today at https://www.southwestwildlife.org/donate/name-the-lion-contest.html.

Southwest Wildlife operates solely from the public’s support and relies on donations and grants to keep the facility open with trained volunteers and veterinarians caring for the animals 24/7. 

Established in 1994, the SWCC rescues and rehabilitates wildlife that has been injured, displaced, and orphaned. Once rehabilitated, they are returned to the wild. Sanctuary is provided to animals that cannot be released back to the wild. SWCC also offers educational programs and opportunities in the field of conservation medicine. Wildlife education includes advice on living with wildlife and the importance of native wildlife to healthy ecosystems. For more information or to donate go to https://www.southwestwildlife.org/

To make a donation or for more information on how you can sponsor an animal please visit https://www.southwestwildlife.org/donate/donate/donate.htmlThe nonprofit Scottsdale animal refuge has listed preferred donations on a wish list on its website and an Amazon wish list. That list includes enrichment toys for the animals, as well as other items SWCC needs.