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Introducing #ToysForTacos, Mr Mesquite Taqueria is partnering with Academic Opportunity of Arizona for an inclusive toy, clothing, and supply drive for children with disabilities and low-income hardships! From December 1-23 bring in an item to any Mr Mesquite location near you.

Mr Mesquite is partnering up with Arizona's academic opportunity for Toys for Tacos, a toy, clothing, and school supply drive from 12/1-12/23 for students with disabilities and low-income hardships! Because although all toy drives are amazing, they often overlook the needs of children who have disabilities that may not allow them to play with certain toys. So they’ve created a list of items that are inclusive for everyone. It’ll be at all locations but will be at Gilbert when they open as well. And everyone who brings in a toy gets a free taco the day of their donation!

Here is the list below in case you wish to donate: 


Also, a few more that weren't on that initial list: 

  • Cause and effect toys
  • Play-doh
  • Putty
  • Cars
  • Dramatic play toys
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Dress-up items
  • Costumes
  • Baby Dolls
  • Bubbles & Bubble Machines
  • Outdoor toys
  • Balls (basketballs, nerf soccer balls, nerf footballs)
  • Board Games (teenage)