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Don’t Judge a Wine by its Label
It’s easy to fall for the bottle with the prettiest or most modern label. Therefore, it’s important to be informed about other visible indicators, like whether the bottle has a cork or twist-off cap. “Cork taint can disrupt a wine’s taste by leaving the affected wine with a musty odor and taste,” Kelley says. “Twist-off caps eliminate the risk of cork taint.” Though cork taint affects only a small percentage of wines, Kelley says that many high-end vinters are going the twist-off route.

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Looking for Something Different?
Kelley suggests trying a selection from Spain or South American, both very fashionable regions for winemaking at the moment. “The popular Argentinean malbec is a rich, full-bodied red that blends fruity and oaky flavors,” he says. “The increasingly sought-after Spanish wines feature both red and white wines that were once considered rustic, but are now made in a more consumer-friendly style.”