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I had a low-key nightcap at The International House where I ran in to, UK based; yet very Italian Peter Dorelli and Salvatore Calabrese, both up for lifetime achievement awards alongside De Groff. 42 Below’s Liquid Professor Jacob was a welcome surprise. He flew in from Kiwi country last minute.

I crawled over the finish line with Saturday’s Spice and Ice, Green Seasonal Bar seminars and St. Germaine’s tasting. My final and one of the finest, was super smart and sexy Steve Olsen’s seminar Rediscover the Traditions of Vodka. Yes, may I have another?

Many went to Harrah’s early on Saturday for a street party before the award’s ceremony. I hit Bourbon St. where not one, but several middle-aged women, not Girls Gone Wild, were pulling their dresses up over their heads for all to see. I’m told a swinger’s fest was in town. I guess so. I popped in to Arnaud’s ambient bar for a few signature cocktails and a wicked dinner hosted by local diva, Arnaud’s own Lisa Sins who took us on a luscious tour of Germaine Caze Nave Wells, Mardi Gras Museum onsite. Wild! That night the fest finished off with Dale De Groff winning the lifetime achievement award.

Sunday, I bid adieu to NOLA at Chartreuse’s tasting, hosted by my first and final friends at the fest. Apparently Chartreuse, which is best enjoyed straight, has medicinal qualities, a spirit created and held under lock and key by monks. I took a well-needed dose and a quiet moment to allow for and to enjoy the spirit-ual effects of Chartreuse and the fest. Ommmmm. For more info, visit www.talesofthecocktail.com.