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The gentlemen chefs were pampered with world-class service from the most beautiful women in the Valley, with the indulgence of ever-flowing and world-favorite Dom Perignon Champagne.  Each club location was readied with a cornucopia of delectable and  mouthwatering culinary treats to satisfy the Champagne Chefs’ every whim from the clubs’ own stellar cuisine.  The gracious hosts and attentive service staff from each participating location welcomed the celebrated chefs as if the club was uniquely designed for them.  The honored culinary chefs, and “Kings for a Day” were respectfully pampered with grace and sophistications, as Kings would be.



Although the accompanying photo gallery highlights the pampered fun and indulgence experienced, it was really the anticipated energy of being served like a King, which drove the daylong event.  It could not have happened as ceremoniously fun as it did, without the generous participation of the clubs and that of their proudly-introduced and special Andy Warhol labels, which graced their presence on the timeless, Champagne bottles of Dom Perignon. (Dom Perignon just recently released its newest label design, including a variable color palate selection of 6 Andy Warhol-style colors.)  Who knew Dom could add such colorful compliments to its mystically classic label, as the six, strategically aligned, Andy Warhol colors, which graced its timeless Champagne bottle.  It was certainly a luxurious and classy event, blessed by the legendary master of Champagne, Dom Perignon.  Even the cellar master of the Abbey of Hautvillers in Epernay would be joyously pleased!  It was a day to remember. They really did it right.


Photos and Article by Ron Nachtwey, Photos@RonNachtwey.com