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photo courtesy: Long Island CVB

Long Island, Long on FRESHness

FRESH Hamptons specializes in farm-to table-cuisine, but with a Long Island twist, says owner/chef Todd Jacobs. 

“Our menu is broken down so that everyone can create the meal that fits into their specific diet,” says Jacobs, who was born in nearby Nassau County, lived in Manhattan for a few years before moving out to the island in 1987. “We built a ‘bridge’ to a healthy diet.

“I designed the menu differently because we saw a trend in our diners’ eating habits and wanted to get out in front of it,” he adds. “Creating your own meal and eating little or no white flour and more vegetables and less animal products is the main focus of our menu.” 

He opened FRESH Hamptons two years ago; it’s about a third of a mile north of Montauk Highway on the Bridgehampton Turnpike.

Kale Salad is the number-one selling item; Jacobs says he eats it daily. Also popular is the Thai Vegetable Curry, Long Island Duck Confit and Roasted local organic chicken with pan gravy and fresh rosemary. For any taste, FRESH Hamptons offers many choices as well as daily specials.

“A person who very rarely eats beef once told me he had a craving for a burger and drove two and a half hours from Brooklyn for one of our grass-fed burgers from Mecox Bay Dairy, which is just down the road from us,” he says.

“We have a diverse menu that delights vegetarians with a diverse selection of vegetables from local organic farms but still has local organic chicken local beef and cheese and an abundance of offerings from our local waters,” Jacobs says.