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With two successful sister locations (one in Hollywood; the other in Beijing), 25 Degrees is making temperatures rise at CityCenter of CityNorth with its signature patties and swanky surroundings.


Forget the traditional face of burger joints: 1950’s-inspired black and white checkered flooring; red stool cushions; jukeboxes and neon signs. CityCenter of CityNorth’s 25 Degrees aims to set itself apart from other burger bars before there’s even a chance to bite into one of its patties, thanks to the French toile wallpaper, masculine leather booths, chandeliers and overall sleek, dark interiors—much sexier than most cheery burger restaurants, anyway. Plus, 25 Degrees (its name, by the way, refers to the difference in temperature between a medium-rare and a well-done burger) scores points for possibly having the most interesting restroom wallpaper in Phoenix. The restaurant offers the hip, Old Hollywood-esque swank that its CityCenter sibling Ocean Prime is known for, but without the high-rolling price tags.

Good looks? Check. And 25 Degrees also delivers some delicious signature burgers. The Number Two burger (there are four “our burgers”) comes smothered in pesto and topped with burrata, prosciutto and roasted tomato. The Italian-inspired offering worked very well—we think burrata should take the place of regular old cheddar cheese on burgers from now on. The Number Three was a table favorite, crowned with Mezzo Secco jack cheese, avocado, chipotle and green chilies. Though the concoction was not the most unique of the signature burgers, it sure was a crowd pleaser, as everyone wanted to sample and re-sample the slightly spicy and flavorful burger. Customers can also build their own custom sirloin, turkey or veggie burgers, using the likes of Gruyère, gorgonzola and even organic cheese varieties. Add-ons also include jalapeño bacon, roasted red peppers, portabello mushrooms, sauerkraut, arugula and nearly 15 different sauces.

Apart from the patties, 25 Degrees dishes up one mighty fine and incredibly meaty hot dog, served with all the fixings. While the delicious hot dog was impressive, we can’t say the same for the run-of-the-mill fries. The sweet potato fries, though, were another story: We placed two orders and still couldn’t get enough of them. (Note: Be sure to ask for the sauces that accompany the fries, as we weren’t aware such sauces existed until after our meal.)

To make up for the serious carb and red meat consumption, a salad was in order. The chopped salad featured white beans, avocado, tomatoes, beets, napa cabbage, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and grapes, which provided sweetness and snap to the salad. If you’re looking for something a tad more sophisticated than burger bar fare, 25 Degrees also has a list of “snacks” that includes bacon-wrapped dates, spicy tuna on eggplant, chicken liver terrine and more.

For a little something sweet—and a bit sinful—the Guinness milkshake did the trick. The supercreamy blend tasted like the milkshakes of yore with a certain 21-and-older ingredient. (25 Degrees also has more than 15 wines by the glass or the jug on the menu—it’s pretty amusing watching the servers tote jugs of wine to and fro.) The black and white sundae, though not terribly special, was fun to share. And no worries if you happen to be a burger joint purist: 25 Degrees has plenty of root beer or orange cream floats to go around. They even keep the root beer on tap.

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