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All of Coal Burger’s dipping sauces and dressings are house-made and the French fries are fried in antioxidant-rich rice bran oil.

Other Coal Burger signature items include their chief-inspired salads and thick gelato milkshakes and floats.

Maroney said the environment was very important as well. Coal Burger wants people to walk in and immediately get an organic and casual feel, she added.

“We want Coal Burger to give people the chance to sit down and enjoy their burger but we also strive for quick service,” Maroney said. “We want people to be excited to take the first bite when they arrive so we try to get customers their burger in a couple of minutes after they order.”

Maroney said she urges people to come down and try Coal Burger out.

Ciolli said in a press release, “The delicious smoky flavor of cooking in a coal-fired oven, paired with natural ingredients, makes us believe we have a winning combination.”