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Lisa Des Camps, owner of Lisa Des Camps Jewelry, on the virtues of bangles during a day on the sand.

Have you ever noticed that the thinking you do on the beach is different from the thinking you do in a cool garden?  Both environments are deeply relaxing and can lead to inspiration and insight, but they are definitely different.  The beach, with its sun-baked sand, the sound of water, the distinct calls of sea birds, and the scents of water and tanning oil is the meditative version of hot yoga for me.  And because I always (yes, always) wear jewelry, I put a lot of thought into beach jewelry.

First, I almost never wear a pendant on the beach.  Not only can it leave weird little tan lines (or big pendant-shaped white spots) but the feeling of sand scraping around my neck just isn’t fun. So when I’m headed to the beach, the pendants stay in the jewelry box.

 I always like to wear at least a ring or two, and for those fingers that are never seen in public without rings, a few tan lines underneath them doesn’t matter. Just be sure that you wear rings that are loose enough to handle a bit of skin-plumping but tight enough not to fall off. If you wear silver rings, give them a really good cleaning when you get back—sweat and saltwater aren’t friends of silver.

But my favorite thing to wear to the beach is a bangle. What is it about shiny metal glinting against browning skin that makes you feel so healthy? A loose bangle moves around enough to avoid serious tan lines (and you should be wearing your sunscreen anyway), it adds a bit of flair to your swimsuit and cover-up, and makes you feel just a little bit sexier. Now, if only choosing a swimsuit were so easy.