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PROSE interior

Is it important to match your mani and pedi? What tips to do you have to make sure they complement one another? Nail color, at its core, is about creative expression and a reflection of one’s personal style. With more than 200 colors to choose from at PROSE, we find that most often our members don’t love to choose just one and are creating fun combinations from our beautiful palette.

What colors are in for summer? PROSE hands and feet will feature beautiful hues of blues, greens and pinks with shimmer this summer.

What are the summer design trends? We continue to see the use of glitter to create accent nails and the use of stone and crystal embellishments.

What nail shapes are most popular? Our PROSE members most frequently request the almond and ballerina shape styling from our artists.

In a season when flip flops are worn almost exclusively, what can someone do at home to care for their feet between pedis? As Arizonans, we live in one of the toughest climates when it comes to dryness. Pair this with exposure from year-round sandals and your feet will show the effects of the lack of moisture. Many of our members use our after-care products such as Margaret Dabbs London Soothing Foot Powder will help keep the feet clean, dry and fresh throughout the day and Foot Hygiene Cream after showering and before bedtime. This will keep your feet healthy and fresh in between visits to PROSE.