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Great Dads!
(enter or nominate by May 20, 2010)

Do you have an amazing relationship with your kid(s)?
This Father’s Day we are honoring dads around the Valley who put their family first. We have chosen six great men and their children to feature in our June magazine, but we are looking for more incredible dads to feature on our website.
Please send us the following to BeInAFM@mediathatdeelivers.com and you could be featured online!

Name of Dad:
Name and age of Kid(s):
Email one family photo fo you and your children.
Answer these questions:
Dad: What one piece of advice do you want your kids to learn from you?
Dad: What is your favorite memory so far with your children?
Kid: What is your favorite thing about your dad?
Kid: What do you and your dad like to do together for fun?