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The Wedding Gift He's Always Dreamed Of: Boudoir Photography
Leslie K. Hughes

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Finding the perfect gift for your fiance can be quite a challenge. With everything else a bride has going on at this time, it can be even more difficult to find the time to get something he'll absolutely love.

Well, we are here to the rescue with local boudoir photographer, Hannah Ball, with a Q&A to let you know all about boudoir photography, and why it is a gift that your fiance will treasure forever.

Hannah Ball does boudoir photography as part of her wedding photography business, Peaches and Twine. Hannah and her husband shoot the weddings together but don't worry ladies -- the boudoir shoots are done just by Hannah.

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Read below to get all the info on boudoir, and we are sure by the end, you'll be ready to give Hannah a call and schedule a shoot of your own!


1. Why do you think boudoir photography is such a great thing for women to do?

To me, boudoir is all about a woman finding peace and love with herself. It is an opportunity to become the best version of herself, and to find that place inside that will tell her that she is so beautiful as is. Even if the session's initial "purpose" is to give as a gift to her honey, I make it my own personal mission to have her realize that the session itself is meant to empower and celebrate her, making her see ultimately that she is just doing it just for herself. It's an opportunity to be feminine, delicate, yet strong and fearless without fear of judgment or ridicule.


2. How did you get into boudoir photography?

When I got married, I learned about this style of photography and thought that it would be a fun way for me to give my sweet husband the gift of me for our wedding. When I looked online for some inspiration on how I ultimately wanted my photos to turn out, most of what I saw was heavily posed and pinup-style, which I didn't feel was my style, nor my husband's, but when I came across the photos of a comfortable woman, just relaxing in a pretty piece of lingerie (or even none at all), my heart yearned to be captured in such a way. After my own session, it was so fun and I felt so beautiful by the end, that I knew I wanted to start offering this style of photography to brides and any other woman, regardless of the occasion, but with one stipulation: I would focus on her, and not what she thinks her loved one wants to see, because if she was being herself, comfortable and genuine, everybody involved would treasure those photos so much more.

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3. What do you think are the most important things for a woman to remember when doing boudoir photography?

My biggest piece of advice I can give to my clients is to just relax. Make sure you choose somebody that you feel comfortable with, not just because you like their style, because if you feel awkward, the photos will be awkward. So do whatever you need to to put yourself at ease: bring a friend, pack some wine, wear only garments that you feel are "you", and communicate clearly with your photographer how you feel about nudity and certain types of poses. This session is about you, so keep that in mind while planning!


4. What style of boudoir do you see as the most popular?

These days, it seems to be split pretty evenly between the "traditional" type that focuses mostly on sex appeal, and the fine art style that focuses on the woman herself, creating a photograph that could potentially be used as a piece of art on display. I am always keeping my eye open for the little details and ways to bring the art aspect into each session, tying in the inherent sensuality that comes with doing a boudoir session, and then adding in the sophistication and personality needed to transcend that objectification that can sometimes happen during a boudoir session.

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5. Why do you think boudoir photography has become so much more popular as a wedding gift in the past few years?

Women are finally starting to open up, and see that their bodies and their sensuality are not things that need to be hidden away from the world, but rather celebrated. I think a large reason that boudoir is finally becoming less taboo is because women are getting more comfortable with sharing their own session and experiences, showing how normal it actually is to want to get such a session done, even if it's just for their own benefit! I also believe that the first thing that comes to mind when the word boudoir comes up is an image of black leather and spread eagle poses, or even softcore porn, but the average woman doesn't feel comfortable with that, and writes off the idea immediately, when in reality all she wants is to strip down to bare her heart in a session where she can feel vulnerable, and this approach is finally making its way to the mainstream, meaning those same women are seeing exactly what they had in mind for themselves, and now they know they have the option to have the session they always imagined having.


6. What is your favorite thing about shooting boudoir photography?

Personally, I love everything delicate and pretty, and especially vulnerability. The best part during a session is that point where my client finally feels safe to open up and really let herself feel sexy and powerful and vulnerable all at once. When she starts posing herself, and giving me genuine facial expressions, because it's then that I know that she is saying good riddance to all those that make her feel any less than a freaking queen.

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7. Tell us a bit about the other photography that you do.

When I'm not in my studio photographing beautiful, real women, my husband and I shoot weddings together. We take this same mindset with us to each wedding and engagement session: to create a beautiful piece of art, bring out raw and vulnerable connections, and to have fun and love on our couples at the same time! By the end of every wedding and session, we feel a genuine connection with our couples, basically becoming besties! Being photographers is so rewarding to us. We know firsthand the value of a great photographer, as we actually skimped on the photographer for our wedding, and we wish we could redo it all just to have those memories back, so we take that with us to each event and photograph it as if we are at the receiving end of the photos. The sweet moments, the sad moments, and the peaceful moments, they are all equally important, and we are constantly humbled by the idea that these sweet people are inviting us into one of the most intimate days of their lives.


For more information on Peaches & Twine Photography and their boudoir and wedding shoots, visit their website here.