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Get Elegant With Your Bridal Shower at Sanctuary
Leslie K. Hughes

Wanting to get elegant with your bridal shower? Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa is just the place for you. The venues available for bridal showers at the resort are absolutely stunning. Whether you prefer an indoor gettogether, or an outdoor one, Sanctuary has what you are looking for.



Praying Monk provides stunning views of the Praying Monk formation on Camelback Mountain and is a great mix of an outdoor and indoor venue to keep your guests entertained. Praying Monk accommodates 60 people for dining and provides guests with breathtaking views of the valley. The skylights and slide-away glass walls allow you to open the doors to get a fresh breeze, or keep them closed if the heat is too much.

Guests entere into the Praying Monk with an extravagant wine corridor that shows off nearly 1,000 bottles of the resort's favorite wines.



The Sunset Room is a great option for a more intimate-feeling bridal shower. With room for up to 30 guests, this venue has gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that provide incredible views. You can also opt to close the drapes to keep things even more intimate. The Sunset Patio is right off of the Sunset Rooms and serves as the ideal place to open gifts and bask in the gorgeous Arizona sun.


For more information about these venues and the other incredible ones that Sanctuary has to offer, please call 480.607.2373.