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Bridal Shower Games That Are Actually Fun


Photo credit: PopSugar

Let's be honest: sometimes bridal shower games are just straight-up lame. You dread having to play them and pretend like you are having fun.


That's why we are here to share with you some actually fun bridal shower games that will keep you and your guests entertained!


Bridal Shower Trivia

Get to know the bride and groom better by playing a trivia game. Type out questions ahead of time and let guests have fun trying to guess the right answers!


How Old Is the Bride?

Find a bunch of pictures of the bride from all different times in her life. Arrange them in a cute way and have guests guess how old the bride was in that picture.


Telephone Toast

Remember the old telephone game? This is a twist on that. Have someone start with a toast for the bride and groom, and whisper it around the room until the bride. She will then announce the toast and everyone can laugh at how much it changed from where it started!


Pass the Poem

Write out the beginning of a poem to get it started in a notebook, then pass it around. Each guest will add a line or two, picking up from where the previous guest left off.