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Best Couple
Kimberly Clements and Scott MacKenzie


Best High School Principal
Rex Scott, Catalina High School

Since the start of his tenure at Catalina High School in 2009, dedicated Principal Rex Scott has believed in a “shared vision” approach, where students, parents, staff and community members could openly give input for Catalina’s success. One of these “shared visions,” and Rex’s central focus as principal, is increasing the student graduation rate through “academic interventions,” where students who seem at risk early in their schooling are provided with guidance tools to ensure a successful and completed high school career.



Marketing Guru
Caroline Palmer

With a ton of industry experience under her belt, Caroline Palmer is the current media director of LP&G, Inc. marketing and advertising agency. It’s not all business without some fun, though; Caroline can be found volunteering at the local no-kill animal shelter, dancing to house music, playing Scrabble, doing yoga or photographing.