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Rosina (pictured in opening page) looks like a jewelry box that Daisy Buchanan dropped onto the floor of the Palazzo casino. The new intimate, art deco cocktail bar transports you to the glamorous 20s with glittering crystal chandeliers, and rich gold and pearl accents throughout the shiny black interior. Complemented by dark burgundy plush seating, and matching booths lining the walls, guests feel comfortable no matter where they are seated.

A spot at an intimate private booth or table offers diners unique amenities like the famed champagne call button – which can be pressed to ensure a flute is never empty. Taking cues from the decor and atmosphere, the cocktail menu features classic drinks such as Negronis, Manhattans and the Dark and Stormy. Guests who visit between 9 p.m. and midnight are offered a piece of chocolate from the famed French chocolatier Debauve & Gallais. These chocolates come in a variety of blends, each specifically paired with the guests’ drink of choice.  If you ask the bartenders nicely, they may even reveal their secret menu featuring an array of exclusive Juleps.

Named one of the best shows in Vegas right now, Le Rêve The Dream at the Wynn, is an exciting aquatic acrobatics spectacle performed in a circular theatre situated around a central pool. The story features a dramatic love triangle and the fight between fiery passion and temperate-but-true love. The performers’ cringe-worthy dives from high above the theatre enthralled the audience. The story’s classic struggle between good and bad is coupled with gorgeous costumes, lovable characters, and outrageous aquatic feats for a show that will awe, amaze and leave the audience at the edge of their seats.

For a view of the ever-changing Sin City, step aboard the High Roller at The Linq. Measuring larger than the London Eye, the High Roller is one of the world’s largest observation wheels. There are a variety of viewing packages available. Private groups can rent out an entire car with a bar for their Open Bar in the Sky Happy Half Hour (one rotation lasts 30 minutes), which is perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties. For visiting yogis, their Yoga - An Elevated Journey experience offers a refreshing, rejuvenating one-hour yoga class with views of the city. No matter which package you choose, the view will be breathtaking!

TAO, the exclusive Vegas nightclub that often hosts celebrity birthday bashes, recently debuted a new program that changes the idea of traditional bottle service. Their V.I.We Experience is a shared bottle service, ideal for small parties, couples or those looking for a more exclusive affair at a fraction of the cost. The service includes vodka, tequila and champagne to be replenished throughout the night plus a variety of mixers. The program offers guests the ability to move into the general club area for a closer view of the stage and DJ, or venture back to the table for refills and a more lounge-like experience. Overall the V.I.We Experience provides a unique spin on bottle service and for a lot of groups, may be a preferred choice. V.I.We-Me, Yes, please!