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If you’re lucky enough to attend any of the fantastic golf tournaments this season, keep the following tips in mind:

Dress Accordingly: Attire should be modest and sensible, so as not to distract from the game. A good tip is to dress similar to the golfers themselves. Khakis, polos and comfortable walking shoes are always a great decision.  

Be Quiet: Spectators should be seen and not heard in most cases. Turn your cell phone off and keep it in your bag or pocket. Don’t speak or cheer until a player is finished. The golf clap exists for a reason - it’s the game’s subdued show of support.

Down in Front: The gallery at a pro tournament can be several people deep. Respect that others behind you are also trying to see the action. If possible kneel down. If you have big hat, take it off.

Stay Still: Even little movements can distract a player’s concentration. Once you’ve found your spot, stick to it until the round is over. Wait for all players to finish before leaving for the next tee.

No Touching: This should be common knowledge, but every year someone embarrasses themselves by trying to touch a player or their golf balls. Keep your hands to yourself!

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be a seasoned golf spectator in no time!