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In addition to your birthday, McCants says your name tells quite a story; however, name numbers are a little more complex.

Like your birth-date, your name withholds the same 3 types of numbers—your soul number, personality number, and power number.  Here’s the breakdown:

Every letter is attached to a number; A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on.  However, as McCants says, numerology consists solely of single digits, so something like the letter “Z” equals 8.  (That’s because it’s the 26th letter and 2+6=8.)  Confused?

Well, it gets more complicated.  Bare with me.

McCants says your soul name number is determined by adding the vowels in your first and last name. For example, I’m Nadine Toren—so I’d add A(1)+I(9)+E(5)+O(6)+E(5).  That equals 25, so my soul name number is 7 (2+5).  

And go figure…your personality name number is determined by adding the consonants of your first and last name.  For me, that’s N(5)+D(4)+N(5)+T(2)+R(9)+N(5).  That equals 30, so my personality name number is 3 (3+0).

And FINALLY your power name number is your soul number and personality number combined; so mine is 1 (7+3+10; 1+0=1). 

Of course, this is just the basics.  McCants says knowing your number will help fulfill your needs, wishes, dreams, and desires.  For example, she says number 8’s need to concentrate on manifesting money because that’s what constantly weighs on their shoulders—while number 9 people need to make peace with their past and focus on moving forward. 

And according to the Numbers Lady, knowing your number can help prevent heartbreak, downfall, and disappointment.  On one of her TV appearances a while back, McCants analyzed Amy Winehouse’s name and birthday, predicting if the singer didn’t turn her life around, she wouldn’t live pass 27.

“Knowledge is power.  This is just another outlet of understanding yourself.”

And after getting a Glynis reading myself, I can safely say I think there is, in fact, some truth behind numbers.  The celebrity numerologist took a lot of TLC analyzing my birthday and name, giving me more insight about what lies within. 

So if you’re sold, you can learn more by buying McCants’ books.  They’re available on her website: www.numberslady.com.

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