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Tempe History Society Lunch Talks
11.09.2022 11.30AM - 12.30PM
Tempe History Museum - Tempe


Tempe History Society Lunch Talks

History of Railroads in Tempe” By W. David Doiron

A brief look at one Tempe resident’s experiences and recollections, including existing evidence of what used to be. Using some historical photos and then personal experience from 1959 to the present. Tempe grew and developed because of its location and the Railroads came for some of the same reasons! 

W David Doiron grew up in Tempe and has had a varied career. He worked at El Rancho Market, Monti’s, Gammage, and several other Tempe places. He has been an auto mechanic, a racecar driver, and a pilot. He flew the C-141 for the US Air Force all over the world, then flew for Western Airlines. Later after retiring as a Captain for Delta Airlines in 2004, he built a 4,500 sq foot addition onto his home as a sweat-equity project. He is currently Chairman of the Tempe Aviation Commission. He has always been interested in Railroads and has done presentations for many years.