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Diaspora Day Arizona
04.20.2019 12.00PM - 05.00PM
Steele Indian School Park - Phoenix
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This FREE event is open to the public. It is a celebration of all cultures within the African Diaspora! Come enjoy food, drinks, activities, live music, and much more!

This will be a historic day bringing together people of African Descent from all across Arizona. This is a chance to learn about different cultures, beliefs, customs, foods and music.
This is an awesome opportunity for you to introduce your business/organization to new communities and expand your customer base. We encourage people of all ethnic, socio economic and religious backgrounds to participate.
We will need many volunteers to help oversee the event and make this the monumental evening that it is meant to be.
The event runs from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Steele Indian Park located on 3rd street and Indian School in Phoenix. There will be a child friendly zone, live entertainment and community speakers scheduled throughout the day. Live entertainment from different cultural groups will begin at 1:00p.m. and a DJ will be on site for your enjoyment. So if you are looking to expose your business to a new community with a new customer base; experience different cultures, learn about the African Diaspora, or just have some fun with the children this is the event to attend!

Vendor Spaces Available!
Are you a member of the African Diaspora who has a business? Do you cook Soul Food, Caribbean Food or African Food? Attendees are looking for merchandise that reflects the continent of Africa, the Caribbean, or the African American Culture. This includes art, baskets, clothing, oils, soaps, food, music, dance, and history. The Merchandise Vendor Committee looks for a variety of products that not only will appeal to transplanted diaspora members but also appeal to a wide audience that loves colorful and traditional products of good quality.
Exhibit $30
Merchant $50
Food $125
Food Truck $200
Sponsorship Opportunities
Please visit our website at www.bwsaz.org under the events tab for more information.