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The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon Opening Weekend
11.09.2018 - 11.11.2018 
Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix
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The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon Opening Weekend


Event Details

Friday, November 9, 201810:00 a.m.

Saturday, November 10, 201810:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 11, 201810:00 a.m.

Opening Weekend program is included with paid museum admission; free for members.

Evening concert tickets are sold separately and available here.

Tickets for The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon are $7 with general museum admission and $10 for the exhibition only.

Join us at MIM as we celebrate the opening of our newest special exhibition! The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon showcases the dramatic transformation of popular culture brought about by the electrically amplified guitar. From earliest imagination to musical revolution, these are the instruments that electrified the world. Go behind the scenes of this unique exhibition with special guests who will mark the occasion with engaging talks and demonstrations, revealing why the electric guitar made history nearly ninety years ago and still captures our attention today.

Sponsored by Sanderson Lincoln

Instrument Spotlight: Electric Guitars10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.Become acquainted with the electric guitar by playing one yourself. Try out one of MIM’s two SolidBody Classic SB1-X guitars, a discontinued line of electrics from Taylor Guitars. Best known for its high-quality acoustics, Taylor ventured into the electric guitar market with these versatile instruments in 2008, eventually pulling them from production in 2013 but nonetheless leaving a lasting mark on the guitar-loving world.

Harnessing Electricity: Behind the Scenes of The Electric Guitar with Dr. Richard Walter 2:30–3:30 p.m.  |  Friday 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.  |  Sunday Join Dr. Richard Walter, the lead curator behind MIM’s newest special exhibition, for an intriguing look at the making of The Electric Guitar: Inventing an American Icon. Learn how the exhibition has come to life as Dr. Walter shares the decision-making and collaborative processes leading to its creation, from initial brainstorming to opening the doors to the public. Be sure to check out the exhibition to get a closer look at these remarkable instruments.

Seeking the Origins of the Electric Guitar: A Conversation with Lynn Wheelwright 11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. (Saturday only) “I’m still looking for that instrument . . . another piece to that puzzle.” Guitar historian, collector, and world-class “guitar geek” Lynn Wheelwright joins MIM for a special conversation about his tireless search to unearth the origins of electric amplification. Learn about his approach to studying rare vintage instruments, his commitment to understanding the electric guitar’s most important innovators, and his unique guitar collection, which makes up the heart of this exciting special exhibition.

Artist Encounter: John Jorgenson and Cindy Cashdollar 2:30–3:30 p.m. (Saturday only) Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to catch the Opening Weekend artists before their evening concert. These two talented musicians will talk about their experiences with the electric guitar through a retrospective lens, discussing topics ranging from the influence of such electric guitar pioneers as Charlie Christian to the evolving stylistic variations in American music that led to the development of instruments such as the dobro and the steel guitar..

Artist Encounter: Deke Dickerson and John Jorgenson 2:30–3:30 p.m. (Sunday only) Finish up your weekend with one final chance to hear from MIM’s featured Opening Weekend performers. Welcome back John Jorgenson and get to know Deke Dickerson as they share the stage to discuss the electric guitar’s fascinating past. These two outstanding talents will take part in a conversation about the electric guitar as a central element of American musical identity and its universal impact on music history, and they may even play a few tunes.