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Jurassic Fight Night 2
09.22.2018 06.30PM
Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs - Scottsdale
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Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs Jurassic Fight Night 2 on Sept. 22 at 6:30 p.m. will be a production featuring dinosaurs in fighting matches to determine who is the fiercest Carnivore of the prehistoric era. Tickets to the event are on-sale now, starting at $9.95, and can be presented at Pangaea to receive a $5 off general admission ticket to the exhibit until Sunday, October 21. Jurassic Fight Night will consist of three fights, each including three 90 second rounds. Four of the fighters in the ring include Rex “The Carnivore King,” Rowdy Roddy Raptor, Hairy “The Hammer” Utah Raptor, and the reigning champion Steve “The Spine Crusher” Spinosaurus. Come witness Rex’s Revenge as Rex “The Carnivore King” seeks to regain the title against Steve “The Spine Crusher” Spinosaurus in a battle that has been in the making for over 95 million years.