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Central High School, Class of 1968, 50th Anniversary Reunion
01.20.2018 03.00PM - 10.00PM
Aunt Chiladas Squaw Peak - Phoenix
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50th Anniversary Reunion

Phoenix Central High, Class of 1968

Saturday, January 20th, 3 pm at Aunt Chilada’s Squaw Peak


So, after sitting atop one of the highest peaks in Tucson and meditating on the meaning of life, I said, “the hell with it, let’s plan a 50th Anniversary Reunion, Class of 1968 and have a Blast from the Past!” So, with Valerie Pledger providing some much needed consults and help from Sheri Stroud……


Here are some questions that we think need to be answered, so that NO ONE ELSE has to go to that same damn mountain!


* This will be a drinking and eating extravaganza where everyone pays for their own damn bill.


* Respond to this post to make a reservation for the event. Or, you can find the Central High, Class of 68 Reunion at classmates.com. Please respond as early as you can. That way, if we get enough people, we can get the large patio and back area, as opposed to the lounge and front patio.


* This is a one nighter. So those who want to stay over please make those arrangements on your own. We ain’t responsible enough to handle the complicated mathematics to get it done ahead of time.


* If you ain’t dead yet, y’all need to get your butt down to Aunt Chilada’s Squaw Peak, 7330, N. Dreamy Draw Drive, January, 20th,  3 pm till???


And most importantly, plan to have a Grrrrrreat Time; a favorite phrase of Lee Marshall aka Marsh Mayer, who was the voice of Tony the Tiger until he passed in 2014. That said, let’s Eat Hearty and Party and have a Blast from the Past!