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Urban Farm General Store Opens for Two Days in October
10.13.2017 09.00AM - 03.00PM
4549 N 7th Street, Phoenix - Phoenix
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When is a good time to dig a hole for a new tree?  Before you plant the tree of course!


In all seriousness, you want to make sure to dig while the weather is still good! Give yourself some time to do those necessary blue stake checks and percolation tests, AND start building up good healthy soil microbes in anticipation of those new trees you’ve ordered. October or November is the best time to start before the holidays take over your calendar!

Make your plan, pick up your supplies, and prepare your holes early at the General Store for two days only! It will be stocked with the basic elements you need to prep your tree holes.  If you have pre-ordered for January, let us know and we will shift these items to an October pick-up!


You will be able to pick up:

Greg’s Tree Planting Mix – for in the hole
Tank’s Green Stuff Compost – for additional help if your soil is mostly dirt
Greg’s Tree Well Top Mulch – for on top of the soil to protect your new basins from the heat


As well as:


Urban Farm’s Mace Own Mix Bundle (perfect for 5 trees)
– Mycorrhizae
– Worm Castings
And there will be a few Moisture meters on hand as well!