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The Comedy of Coping with Kim Stanley Robinson
09.20.2017 07.00PM - 09.00PM
Phoenix art Museum - Phoenix
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Renowned science fiction writer and New York Times Bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson presents “The Comedy of Coping, Alarm and Resolve in Climate Fiction” on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at the Phoenix Art Museum (1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004) at 7 pm. A q&a and book signing will follow the talk; this event is open to the public and free.

In his talk, Robinson will explore the story and science in his latest novel, New York 2140, to argue against gloomy, apocalyptic thinking and in favor of technological ingenuity and dynamic social change. While the effects of climate change are undeniable, the future doesn’t have to be an unavoidable catastrophe. Ultimately, Robinson argues, this kind of dystopian, pessimistic approach muddles the political, social, and economic causes of climate change and prevents us from taking more meaningful actions to address the issues before it’s too late. What kinds of stories should we be telling ourselves in the face of impending calamity? How do we balance the desire to be both inspired and disturbed? How can literature act as a constructive response to existential risk?

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