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Amerind’s Journey to Cameron
04.21.2017 08.00AM - 06.00PM
Amerind Museum - Dragoon, AZ
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The Cameron Trading Post is situated in an area rich in cultural and natural history. Built in 1916 at a historic suspension bridge over the Little Colorado river, the Trading Post soon became a refuge for travelers, offering a location to purchase Native-crafted goods, dine, and stay. Over 100 years later, the location continues to provide a unique retreat for visitors. Now you have the opportunity to experience this historic location with Amerind and tour leader Leland Jones. Join us as we examine modern and antique Indigenous arts in the Cameron Trading Post and Gallery, learn stories about Cameron’s unique past, and discover your new favorite fry bread recipe in the dining room. This is a place for serious Native arts collectors. Jones will also take us into the local Diné (Navajo) community to meet artists. We will venture to the countryside to examine geological, paleontological, and historical sites. This includes exploring the Little Colorado gorge, seeing footprints of dinosaurs, and visiting cultural sites that illuminate the local community’s history. We will also visit nearby Wupatki National Monument with archaeologist Dr. Chris Downum of NAU, who has done extensive fieldwork in the area. Relax in the evening to the sounds of traditional Diné music, and attend talks by historical experts like Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, author of the 2016 book Cameron Trading Post.

About your tour leader Leland Jones: Leland Jones (Diné) has lived in the Cameron area since he was a child. Having strong ties to the community, he has built lasting relationships with area residents and has gained extensive knowledge of the region. Jones is passionate about sharing the history of the area and invites you to join us on our Journey to Cameron.

Your trip will include: Transportation, meals, admission fees, and three nights lodging.