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OdySea Aquarium Announces Addition of 16 New Exhibits
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On February 25th, OdySea Aquarium will add 16 new exhibits that include 9 new aquatic aquariums, 4 insect habitats, and 3 land exhibits.  The new exhibits will be on both the upper and lower levels of the Aquarium and vary from an open air perch for the Toucan to intimate aquariums lower to the ground designed for guests to get up close to the animals and see some unique species.

“As we continue to grow, we also continue to elevate the guest experience,“ said General Manager Greg Charbeneau. “Our goal is to be the most interactive aquarium in the world for guests of all ages.”

Some of the notable aquatic species in the new exhibits include Batfish, Blind Cavefish, Hillstream Loaches and Dwarf Lionfish. Batfish are rare and delicate species not often seen in aquariums.  Batfish’s fins have modified fins that act as walking legs. Blind Cavefish have evolved in underground caves with no light.  As a result, they have no pigment or eyes and they rely on their lateral line system to feel movement in the water. Hillstream Loaches are found in Asian streams with strong currents.  They have evolved to have fins modified to act like suction cups to aid in adhering to the rocks. Dwarf Lionfish are venomous; however, they have effective toxins used to defend themselves.  The effect is mild on humans, unlike their relatives like the “Stonefishes,” whose toxins can be deadly.

The Animal Ambassador program, where animals “walk around” with Animal Care Specialists and interact with guests, has been very popular at OdySea Aquarium. 3 of the new exhibits will serve as homes to these animals – a two-toed sloth, a Toucan, and Amazon Parrots.  “Animals like Squidney the sloth are crowd favorites and we heard from guests they want to see them more, so we built homes for these animals on the exhibit floor,” said Jessica Peranteau, Director of Animal Care & Conservation. For more information, visit www.OdySeaAquarium.com