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prado fish

Prado at Montelucia is a Spanish infused experience for the senses. Prado translated means “meadow” which directly correlates with the feeling you make get being whisked away awhile in their new menu. Be it dancing Flamenco or an al fresco dinner for two, it is easy to be enveloped in romance here. Fine wines flow with ease and tapas are begging for a taste at Prado. Salt-cured olives with fresh herbs and spices along with bacon-wrapped Medjool dates stuffed with almond are among some “small bites” or “Pinchos” provided by the fresh new menu. After a little sweet and savory, shishito peppers with chili lime, caramel and garlic chips are a great way to heat things up just a bit. The bread served alongside the tapas is so fresh; it’s warm and moist to the touch, and definitely not to miss, even on a no-carb diet! Paella is a traditional Spanish dish served with various proteins like chicken and sausage interspersed with various selections of seafood in broth atop rice. Paella is definitely the star on the menu, and the chef’s version can be enjoyed daily.  If you are not a seafood fiend, then there are a variety of other options that will please the palate. From handmade pasta in the bolognise tagliatelle with beef and pork sausage ragu, to the absolutely divine lemon-thyme grilled chicked with oven dried tomato, arugula, and carmelized onion on top of warm and creamy polenta.

Prado is not new to the Valley, but their menu is a refreshing  Spanish-inspired adventure for the tastebuds. Eloquent in presentation and lavish in flavor, Prado serves an experience that truly warms the heart. Before leaving on a diamond-lit night sky walk with your loved one, do not forget to indulge in the dessert menu. The Dolce and Salato is made with the house-made vanilla gelato, amarone cherries, bacon and a few other surprises that will have you singing for another round. 

Photos by Carl Schultz