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Wednesday Weddings - Let's Talk Cake

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Ah, cake. One of the most fun choices a bride will get to make about her wedding. Though we’re sure your mouth is watering at the options galore, there is more to choosing the cake(s) for your wedding than you may think. In order to make it through your cake ordering still alive (and still wanting to eat your cake), we are sharing with you some tips and things to think about when it comes to your big day’s big dessert.

#1. Budget

If your wedding cake isn’t included in your catering bill, then you need to add it in. The price for cakes generally are charged on a per-person basis, ranging anywhere from $4 - $15 per person. The large range of prices is due to the detail that goes into the cake itself.

#2. Style

It is a good idea to have your cake’s appearance match the theme/look of your wedding. If you have opted for a more classic wedding, go with a more classic cake. However, if your wedding is more contemporary, a traditional cake dressed to the nines with ruffles and lace will look quite out of place (though surely, still delicious).

#3. Baker

wedding cake baker

It is advisable to book your cake’s baker three to six months in advance. How do you go about choosing your cake baking professional? Referrals are a great way. If you attended a wedding with a fabulous cake, find out who made it. Be sure to find out if the baker can work within your budget before getting your hopes up too high.

#4. Meet the Baker

If possible, try to meet the baker in person so that you can see his/her portfolio of cakes and ask any questions you may have.

#5. Size

The more guests you plan to have at your wedding, the bigger the cake should be. However, we have seen larger weddings where people have opted for a few smaller cakes, as opposed to one huge cake. Decide what works best for you. Even if your wedding is small, you can still go all-out on your cake and have a three-tier one if you want!

#6. Tasting

This one should be automatically on your list - be sure you attend a tasting with your baker where you can sample cake flavors and fillings. This is where you will decide upon what you want for your cake, but be warned - it may take you a while. The options are a plenty!

#7. Topper


Do you want a topper, or no? If so, do you want it to be classic or funny? Toppers are not necessary, but be sure to pick a topper that matches your wedding style if you do opt to put something on the top.

#8. Contract

Don’t forget to sign a contract for your cake so that no surprises come up. This will ensure the size, type, style, etc. of your cake as well as delivery and price so that you can rest easy knowing your cake will be absolutely perfect.